Biobank Brussels Health Campus

A New Biobank to Better Preserve Patient Samples

Biobanks are large collections of patient samples and associated clinical data. They form the basis for medical research and are essential for the development of new medicines and therapies. Biobanks on the Brussels Health Campus safeguard more than one million samples, mainly stored in freezers at -80°C. To store these large sample collections under optimal conditions and optimize access to both the samples and the clinical data, a new central biobank facility is being constructed in building C level -1.

The new central biobank is more than just a large room full of freezers, it includes a complex IT infrastructure, quality control systems and emergency power supply. The infrastructure meets the strict international OECD requirements for Biobanking. For Brussels Health Campu the project represents a total investment of 1.5 million euros.

The central Biobank is realized with support of the Flemish Government through the Centrum Medische Innovatie vzw. Through this initiative the Flemish government enables universities and university hospitals to collaborate, share their patient sample collections and stimulate biomedical translational research.

The central biobank at Brussels Health Campus is part of the new virtual Flemish biobank, that integrates high quality biobanks in the four Flemish university hospitals through an online catalogue and harmonized access procedures.

Project: Biobank Brussels Health Campus
Initiator: UZ Brussel and Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy
Investment for Jette: €1.5 mio
Ready: July 2015
Capacity: 25 00 liters cryogenic storage

Essential for excellent research and collaboration with bio-industry

The Biobanks at Brussels Health Campus contain large collections of high quality patient samples and associated clinical data essential for medical research. The integrated and harmonized biobanks that form part of the virtual Flemish Biobank network will facilitate collaboration between academic partners and pharmaceutical industry.




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