The Learning & Innovation Center

Inspiring Center of Knowledge in Brussels

The VUB and ULB have joined forces for the construction of an international knowledge center in the heart of the Campus Pleinlaan in Etterbeek. The Learning and Innovation Center is a networking site for e-learning, research, and innovation to students, researchers and stakeholders. A place open to the public and the Brussels Community.

Total surface: 9000 m2
A Place to meet & study, to organise conferences, to experience innovative technology.
Start construction: 2016
Completion: 2018


A pertinent response to a fast-changing world

A university campus is a bustling community, a home for students and an inspiring biotope where researchers can carry out their prestigious research. Moreover it is an incubation place for innovation breakthroughs. A networking pool where academia meets society.


The Learning & Innovation building will be designed with the newest technology. Digital tools will enable access to the world’s knowledge sources and enable visitors to connect virtually with their peers worldwide.




Central meeting point of the campus

  • Navigation point at the campus for foreign students
  • Where students and researchers of all faculties meet
  • Where you can collaborate in teams in a real or virtual way

Pioneer project for the new learning

Cutting-edge technologies will reinforce education and research:

  • Video conferences
  • Streaming
  • Massive open online sources
  • Telepresence

Living lab for the knowledge economy in Brussels, Belgium and Europe

Even today the demand for ICT experts is higher than the supply. An academic platform that reinforces the interaction between education, research, training and innovation, will support the knowledge economy and promote employment. Digital expertise is essential for the creation of growth, competitiveness and employment in Belgium.


Seamless integration with the knowledge economy in Brussels, Belgium and Europe

Via outreach activities such as workshops and seminars, temporary/permanent exhibitions and events.


A visionary architecture will maximally support these functionalities and trigger people to visit the building.


Questions about the building and renovation projects at the VUB campuses? Contact us at infradesk@vub.ac.be.

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