Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Jan Broekaert

Center Leo Apostel for

Interdisciplinary Studies




Positions, present and held

  • Postdoctoral scientific researcher, CLEA-VUB; 2010 - present.

  • 0.1-ZAP research professor,  CLEA-VUB, 2010 - present.

  • Assistant professor, Vakgroep Wiskunde, VUB, 2006 - 2012, 2013 - present

  • Assistant professor, Vakgroep APEC - VUB, 2013 - present 

  • Lecturer ad interim in Mathematics I, Vakgroep Wiskunde, VUB, 2012 - 2013.

  • Assistant professor, Vakgroep Toegepaste Wiskunde, Biometrie en Procesregeling UGENT, Universiteit Gent, 2008 - 2010.

  • Teaching assistant, MOSI-VUB, 2006 - 2008.

  • Postdoctoral academic visitor at the Philosophy of Physics Group, University of Oxford, (with Professor Harvey R. Brown), 2006.

  • Scientific collaborator, CLEA & FUND-VUB, 2005.

  • Postdoctoral scientific collaborator, VUB, Nonclassical Propositional Structure in Cognitive Architecture. Research in the Framework of Worldview Models, FWO-project, 01/10/2003 - 31/12/2004.

  • Postdoctoral mandate, FWO - Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Vlaanderen, Nonclassical properties of conceptual entities. Paradigmatic implications for the interpretation of cognition in worldviews, VUB, 2000 - 2003.

  • Scientific collaborator BAP, Impulsproject Humane Wetenschappen, (Caw96/54a): Integrating worldviews: research on the interdisciplinary construction of a model of reality with ethical and practical relevance, VUB, 1997-2000.

  • Guest professor, IPMB masters programme, IMOL-VUB, Mathematical techniques (in English) 1997-1999.

  • Research scientist, SOLVAY - International Institutes of Physics and Chemistry, 1994.

  • Assistant scientific collaborator, Interuniversritair Instituut voor Kernwetenschappen - VUB, 1987-1994.



    1983-1987: Licentiate Physics (VUB), CL, CL, CL,CL.  A contribution to the study of the quantum mechanical decay law and the Zeno-effect.  (Supervisor: Prof. Jean Reignier), Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 10 juni 1987.

    1987-1994: PhD in Physics (VUB), Summa CL. A relativistic Quantum Description of Two-Body Systems in an External Potential Based on the Bethe-Salpeter Equation and Constraint Theory. (Supervisor: Prof. Jean Reignier, Co-supervisor: dr. Jacques Bijtebier), Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 1 maart 1994.

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