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December 2001: Ellen Van Keer and Nicole Note join the Center Leo Apostel on a doctoral scholarship starting from January 1, 2002. Liane Gabora, from January 1, 2002, and Jaroslaw Pykacz, from February 1, 2002, are engaged as visiting professor in the Center Leo Apostel. Diederik Aerts, Thomas Durt and Marek Czachor finish the editing of a book titled "Probing the Structure of Quantum Mechanics: Nonlinearity, Nonlocality, Computation and Axiomatics" that will be published with World Scientific, Singapore.

November 2001: The Center Leo Apostel has several postdocs and doctoral scholarships to offer. All the information related to the offers and to the funding projects of research can be found on the address: http://www.vub.ac.be/CLEA/news/joboffers/ The person to contact is: Prof. D. Aerts, Center Leo Apostel, Brussels Free University, Krijgskundestraat 33, 1160 Brussels. Tel: 02 644 26 77, Fax: 02 644 07 44, e-mail: diraerts@vub.ac.be Preferable contacts by e-mail.

October 2001: Johan Bollen, collaborator of the Center Leo Apostel, has defended maxime cum laude a PhD in psychology with the title "A cognitive model of adaptive web design and navigation". PhD director was Frank Van Overwalle and co-director Francis Heylighen. The jury was composed of Cliff Joslyn (DKSM, Los Alamos National Laboratory), Luis Rocha (DKSM, Los Alamos National Laboratory), Peter Foltz (New Mexico State University), Eric Soetens (Dep. Psychology, VUB), Peter Theuns (Dep. Psychology, VUB), Axel Cleeremans (Dep. Psychology, ULB).

August 2001:A project titled "A systematic investigation of the role and meaning of music in Greek antique mythology" has been funded for the Center Leo Apostel by Brussels Free University. The project will start January 1, 2002, and run till December 31, 2005.

July 2001: Liane Gabora, collaborator of the Center Leo Apostel, has defended maxime cum laude a PhD in science with the title "Cognitive mechanisms underlying the origin and evolution of culture". PhD director was Diederik Aerts and the jury was composed of Merlin Donald (Dep. Psychology, Queen's University), Jim Lake, Francis Heylighen (Center Leo Apostel, VUB), Philip Polk (Dep. Biology, VUB), Luc Steels (Artificial Intelligence Lab., VUB), Jean Paul Van Bendeghem (Dep. Philosophy, VUB), and Nicole De Grande (Dep. of Mathematics, VUB).

June 2001:The Center Leo Apostel had several projects funded at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific research that will run over the coming four years. One of the projects titled "Development of a Contextual Theory of Concepts" investigates the developement of a formalism for the description of concepts that takes into account their contextual nature by applying an approach from quantum structures research. Another project titled "Development of a Contextual, Nondeterministic Theory of Evolution" investigates the importance of contextuality for evolution theory in biology. A third project titled "A cultural anthropological investigation on the relation between 'connectedness' and 'individual freedom'" investigates how the forces of connectedness and individual freedom have shaped our actual society.

May 2001: One of the collaborators of CLEA, Sonja Smets has defended maxime cum laude a PhD in philosophy with the title "The Logic of Physical Properties in Static and Dynamic Perspective" at Brussels Free University. PhD director was Jean Paul Van Bendeghem and co-director Diederik Aerts. The jury was composed of Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara (Dep. of Philosophy, University of Firenze), Jim Lambek (McGill, Montreal), Macieck Malinowski and Gustaaf Cornelis (Dep. of Philosophy, VUB).

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