The Leo Apostel Center and the Department of Theoretical Physics of the Vrije
Universiteit Brussel invites everyone to the 67th of its interdisciplinary
seminars in the 'Foundations Lecture' series. In this series scholars are
invited that are actively engaged in the research on the foundations of a
particular discipline. Their lectures will always be directed to an
interdisciplinary audience, and the discussions aim at confronting the
foundations of the different disciplines.

                        Bohm and the Implicate Order

                            by Dr. David Peat

                      (Pari Center for New Learning)

Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 4 p.m. in auditorium K.1 P. Janssens
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Campus Oefenplein

About the lecture

For many years David Bohm grappled with two basic problems in physics. One was
the failure, after decades of hard work by leading physicists, to reconcile
relativity and quantum theory. The other was his reluctance to accept the
orthodox interpretation of quantum theory. Bohm felt that what was needed was
not some new theory but a radically new Order to Physics. Bohm went on to argue
that the world of well defined objects interacting through forces is the
"Explicate Order". On the other hand a more fundamental view of reality is that
it is emerges out of an Implicate Order (an enfolded order). Thus the Explicate
is something that is constantly unfolding and folding back again into the
Implicate. In this view the electron is no longer an object located in space but
a process of constant explication and implication. Likewise what we take as mind
and matter in the explicate world are but two aspects of one underlying process.
Bohm also went on to develop the notion of "active information" and suggests
that the electron can "read" the field of information that surrounds it. In this
sense the electron has "proto mind"

About the speaker

F. David Peat is a physicist and author who has carried out research in solid
state physics and the foundation of quantum theory. He holds a Ph.D. in physics
from the University of Liverpool. For many years he was associated with
physicist and philosopher David Bohm. While living in Canada Peat organized
discussion circles between Western scientists and Native American elders, and
while living in London organized a conference between artists and scientists. He
has authored or co-authored many books including "Synchronicity: The Bridge
between Matter and Mind", "Seven Life lessons of Chaos" and "Turbulent Mirror".
His most recent book is "Pathways of Chance". He has written on the subjects of
science, art , and spirituality. He is also director of the Pari Center for New
Learning, which is located in the village of Pari near Siena in Tuscany, Italy.

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