70. Competitive scenarios, community responses and organisational implications

Dr. Fabio Boschetti, CSIRO CMAR (Australia)

Tuesday November 17, 2009, 17u00-18u30, VUB, room D.1.08

Abstract: We analyse four scenarios commonly encountered in social processes undergoing competitive pressures: resource depletion by individuals acting greedily ('tragedy of the commons'), wasted opportunity due to over protective players ('tragedy of the anticommons'), crowd following ('majority wins') and competition for niches ('minority wins'). We show that these scenarios are extremes of a continuous resource exploitation problem and that complex and counter-intuitive behaviours are found at the transitions between 'pure' scenarios. We discuss the likely community behaviours and under what conditions a centralised management intervention may play a role in the resource and community resilience.

About the speaker: Dr. Fabio Boschetti has a background in numerical optimisation. In the last years he has worked in Complex System Science, focusing on the challenges and limitations of modelling complex processes via numerical simulation. More recently he turned to ecological modelling and game theory in order to provide numerical tools to facilitate the management of renewable resources. More information about his work and the full list of publications can be found at http://www.per.marine.csiro.au/staff/Fabio.Boschetti/

The presentation with questions will last about 45 min. Afterwards, 45 min or more are reserved for an in-depth, group discussion of the topic. More info at the CLEA office: phone 02-644 26 77 or via the Web-page: http://www.vub.ac.be/CLEA/seminars/