72. The compound systems problem in quantum mechanics, entanglement and quantum structures

Federico Holik

Wednesday September 29, 2010, 16u-17u30, VUB, room 6 G317 (Floor 6, Building G, at the Department of Mathematics)


In this talk we study the convex set of quantum states from a quantum logical point of view. We consider an algebraic structure based on the convex subsets of this set. The relationship of this algebraic structure with the lattice of propositions of quantum logic is shown. This new structure is suitable for the study of compound systems and shows new differences between quantum and classical mechanics. These differences are linked to the nontrivial correlations which appear when quantum systems interact. They are reflected in the new propositional structure, and do not have a classical analogue. This approach is also suitable for an algebraic characterization of entanglement.

About the speaker

Federico Holik is a Phd student at University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and works at the Instituto de Astronomía y Física del Espacio (Argentina). His area of interest and research is quantum structures focused in the quantum logical approach to the problem of quantum non-separability, and the study quantum nonindividuality using set theoretical techniques. Indeed, his research activities in the recent years had been focused on the study of quantum compound systems and algebraic characterization of entanglement. He developed a new approach for the study of improper mixtures from a logic algebraic point of view. He also developed a reformulation of quantum mechanics using quasiset theory which is adequate for dealing with truly indistinguishable quanta.