Structure and Identity
   Structure et Identité


Friday, December 7th 2007

9h00 – 9h30 Registration & coffee

9h30 – 10h00 Welcome + intro: Karin Verelst (Brussel)

10h00 – 10h45 Thomas Forster (Cambridge): Interpretation, reduction and Logic

10h45 – 11h30 Jean-Yves Béziau (Neuchâtel): Identity, logic and structure

11h30 – 11h45 Break

11h45 – 12h30 Graham Priest (Melbourne): Contradiction in Identity

12h30 – 14h00 Lunch break

contributed papers 14h15 – 15h15

Session 1 : Catarina Dutilh Novaes (University of Amsterdam): A lesson from medieval logic: How I learned to stop worrying and love the paradoxes

Session 1 : Anna-Sofia Maurin (Lund): Tropes to the rescue: saving the bundle theory from the Bradley regress

Session 2 : Elia Zardini (St. Andrews): Identity and transitivity

Session 2 : Gertrudis Van de Vijver and Filip Kolen (UGent): The disentanglement of structure and substance. What Kant and Husserl allow us to say about the overcoming of metaphysics

15h30 –15h45 Break

15h45 – 16h30 Peter Caws (George Washington University): Identity and Intentionality: Structures of the Transcendental Subject

16h30 – 17h30 Alain Badiou (École Normale Supérieure): TBA

20u00 – 00u00 Conference Dinner + Brussels by night

Saturday December 8th 2007

9h30 – 10h15 James Ladyman (Bristol): A Comparison of Identity in Physics and Mathematics

10h15 – 11h00 Michel Serfati (Jussieu, Paris VII): Mathématiques et Individuation

11h00 – 11h15 Break

11h15 – 12h00 Bob Coecke (Oxford): One out of many

12h00 – 12h45 Marissa Dalla Chiara and Giuliano Toraldo di Francia (University of Firenze): Holistic semantics: from quantum mechanics to music

12h45 – 14h15 Lunch break

contributed papers 14h15 – 15h15

Session 1 : Andrei Rodin (École Normale Supérieure): Isomorphism doesn’t replace identity in categories (or elsewhere)

Session 1 : Christian de Ronde (VUBrussel) and Federico Holik (Universidad de Buenos Aires): A discussion on individuality and identity in modal interpretations of quantum mechanics

Session 2 : Maarten Van Dijck (UGent): A new causal structure for nature: the role of conservation principles in the scientific revolution

Session 2 : Jean-Louis Hudry (Edinburgh); Paraconsistency, bivalence, and identity

15h15 – 15h30 Break

15h30 – 16h15 Abraham Stone (California): The Disunity of Beings and the Disunity of Being: Husserl vs. Heidegger and Carnap

16h15 – 17h00 Richard Arthur (McMaster): ‘x + dx = x’: Leibniz’s Archimedean Infinitesimals

17h00 – 17h15 Break

17h15 – 18h00 Concluding remarks and closing word by Wim Christiaens (UGent)