Jean Paul Van Bendegem

emeritus professor, founder CLPS

Born in Ghent on March 28th, 1953. Living in B-9000 Ghent, Reigerstraat 28.

-License in Mathematics (UGent, 1976), dissertation on Time-Dependent Set Theory
-License in Philosophy (UGent, 1979), dissertation on Catastrophe Theory
-Doctorate in Philosophy (UGent, 1983), dissertation on Finite, Empirical Mathematics

-Foundations and Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
-Editor Logique et Analyse
-Supervisor of various doctoral projects at the CLWF
-Also check publications and activities

E-mail / Website
jpvbende{at} /

Office hours
First term: Tuesday 2-4PM (room 5B416)
Second term: Monday 12AM-4PM (room 5B416)
Or by appointment

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