Research Students

(image: CORE Doctoral School December 2019; source: Twitter)

From the academic year 2019-2020 on, the Research Group Contextual Research in law (CORE) is proud to associate the faculty's students with its scientific activity.

Our "research students" participate actively in events: scientific conferences (e.g. The Law of Nations and International Law during the Interbellum, Oct 2019), workshops (e.g. Identity, Citizenship and Commerce, Nov 2019) and internal resaerch meetings, such as the CORE Doctoral Schools (cf. picture above). They are invited to discuss working papers, present their own ideas and reflect on their further personal development.

We are currently working with:

  • Daan Bodson (Second Year Bachelor of Law)
  • Matthias Boydens (First Year Master of Law)
  • Leen Elewaut (First Year Master of Law)
  • Laure Hendrickx (Third Year Bachelor of Law)
  • Rodrick Van der Smissen (First Year Master of Law)

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