About BuCo

The Research Group Business & Contracts (BuCo) has been created in 2009 to exploit the synergies in research between the scholars of the Faculty of Law with expertise in general contract law and in business contracts, commercial transactions and business organizations, with the overall aim to stimulate research on all possible topics concerning business contracts (including business engagements by unilateral declaration of will).

At BuCo we focus on the specifics of business contracts, compared to common civil contracts, as a result of the specific context in which these contracts are concluded, with the final aim of making (comparative) reports, identifying and analyzing specific practices. Our purpose is to combine the research work from theorists and practitioners related to business contracts, with the overall goal to better understand the practices, develop richer theories that incorporate a realistic and pragmatic conception of legal institutions, and of the observed behavior of economic actors as regards business contracts, and to use these new frameworks to analyze and criticize existing legal frameworks and business practices and to propose possible improvements. Collaborations not only concentrate on primary work in contract theory, but also empirical study of existing institutions and contracting behaviors.

Due to the ongoing internationalization and globalization process, business contracts are for a substantive part concluded in an international context (e.g. international sales contracts, international cooperation contracts, cross boarder M&A, documentary credits and guarantees, …). These contracts give rise to specific questions of international law as well as of international private law and the activities of BuCo naturally includes the study of international practices. 

The activities of BuCo are organized in different research poles.

BuCo has published numerous publications in its field of expertise, organizes different conferences in its field of expertise, supports master papers and phd research, and provides support to third parties.

BuCo is composed of Steering Committee and of Participating Members.

For more information please contact BuCo.