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Two lectures

May 27th, 2016 | Posted by admin in Events | News

Monday 30/05, 11 am, 5C404:

Imen Riahi (Université de Tunis) ‘Le processus cérébral cartésien et le cogito en tant qu’évènement neuropsychologique’ (with sandwiches and coffee)

Monday 06/06, 11 am, 5C402 (‘Profzaal’):

Prof. Dr. J. Barrientos Rastrojo (Universidad de Sevilla): ‘Philosophical Practice and Philosophy for Children in the society of Facebook, Twitter and Cloud Computing. Theory and Practice’ (with sandwiches and coffee)

All welcome! For more information, contact Prof. Dr. Emiliano Acosta (emiliano.acosta@vub.ac.be). For the second lecture registration is required, through the same address.