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OSUCRE: Online SUrvey CREator

OSUCRE is a software tool that enables you to create online surveys and experiments.

Why another online survey tool? Many free survey creators have mainly focused on adding new features to meet up with technological advances in HTML. In the recent years however, research has shown that some of these features impact negatively on data quality. OSUCRE is based on findings from scientific research on web surveys.

We have found that existing software is very inflexible when it comes to changing question order, adding questions or changing lay-out features quickly. OSUCRE converts a simple syntax into a web survey. Simply changing the syntax enables you to make different versions of the same survey or to apply minor changes. This makes OSUCRE extremely suitable for experimental studies.

The most recent online version is fully operational, but changes are made virtually every week. So make sure you check the OSUCRE site regularly for updates.


FIT Connectionist modelling

Fit2 for Connectionist Modeling by Frank Van Overwalle.

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ESAN: European Social and Affective Neurscience

A website for everyone interested in the frontier research at the intersection of neuroscience and social and affective psychology.
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