Martine van Puyvelde


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences
Department of Clinical and Lifespan Psychology
Pleinlaan 2 | 1050 Brussel, Belgium
office: 3C2
phone: + 32-2-629 18 27
fax: + 32-2-629 25 32


Academische loopbaan / Academic Education

  • Master in de Muziek, Koninklijk Muziekconservatorium Brussel (Juli 1997)
    [Master in Music, Royal Music Conservatorium Brussel, Belgium (July 1997)
  • Aggregaat Muziekpedagogie, Koninlijk Muziekconservatorium Brussel (Juli 1997)
  • Master in de Klinische Psychologie, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Juli 2009)
    [Master in Psychological Science, Clinical Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium (July 2009)]

  • Masterscriptie: "Tonal synchrony based on harmonic and penatonic series: The tonal moment in mother-infant interaction." (Promotor: Prof. Dr. G. Loots)
    Martine ontving voor haar masterscriptie de 'Janine Segersprijs 2010'.

    [Dissertation: "Tonal synchrony based on harmonic and penatonic series: The tonal moment in mother-infant interaction." (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. G. Loots).
    Martine was awarded with the 'Janine Segers award 2010' for her M.Sc. dissertation.]

Onderwijs / Teaching


Onderzoek / Research

  • ‘Tonal synchrony’ is a new dimension of early mother-infant interaction synchrony which we discovered together with musician Pol Vanfleteren. During moments of tonal synchrony a mother and her infant exchange vocalisations composed of universal nature-based tonal aspects (i.e., harmonic and pentatonic series) with a strong preference for simple frequency ratios. These tonal aspects appear in a temporal-based pattern that contains basic aspects of synchrony such as simultaneous vocalising and successive turn-taking. In my PhD-research we will try to find out the meaning of this pre-reflective way of early communication for the intersubjective construction of the self by relating it to emotional and physiologic important aspects in a child’s development within a cross-cultural context. (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. G. Loots, Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. N. Pattyn)


Publicaties & Presentaties / Publications & Presentations

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Varia / Miscellaneous

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