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Sep. 2008 -Jul. 2012: B.S, major in Applied Psychology, Department of Philosophy of Anhui University (AHU),which is one of key universities in the state Project 211; minor in English, institute of foreign school of Anhui University.

Sep. 2012-July.2015: M.A, in Brain cognitive neuroscience, School of Psychology, Southwest University (SWU), which is one of 985 Project Innovation Platform and key universities in the state Project 211. Supervisor: Professor Lei Xu(http://www.leixulab.net/indexe.asp).

Feb. 2016-present:PhD student in research of emotion regulation and sleep


  • Assistance in BIO-II, Selected Chapters from Biological Psychology


My research is on topics:

  •  Emotion Regulation and Its Impact on Sleep -Disentangling Body-Bran Relationship (Supervisosr Pro.Dr. Marie Vanderckhove; Pro.Dr. Daniele Marinazzo; Pro.Dr. Monica Dhar)


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8. Xiaojing Fang, Yuanchao Zhang, Yuan Zhou, Luqi Cheng, Jin Li, Yulin Wang, Kar J. Friston & Tianzi Jiang (2016). Resting-State Coupling between Core Regions within the Central-Executive and Salience Networks Contributes to Working Memory Performance. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 10.

9. Yulin Wang, Xu Lei*, 2013. Sleep Deprivation Reconfigures Functional Networks during Rest. The 2nd Across-strait Symposium for Brain Function and NeuroImaging. May 11-12, 2013, Chengdu, China

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