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The research activities of the research group Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science are focused on molecular and supra¬molecular structure–processing-property relations in synthetic, bio-based or natural polymers for developing sustainable materials with improved performance. A unique collection of physicochemical analytical techniques and characterization procedures is available for this purpose. Novel macromolecular materials are designed by polymer synthesis, either in-house or in collaboration with external partners.
A contribution to the international progress of thermal analysis for materials’ characterization is aimed at, extending the instrument range to:

  • techniques for measuring transitions more sensitively: modulated temperature differential scanning calorimetry, micro- and nanocalorimetry,
  • faster techniques suitable for thin films and ultra-small samples: ultra fast scanning chip-based methods,
  • techniques permitting analyses on a smaller lateral scale: spatially localized thermal analysis at the micro- and nanometer level using atomic force microscopy based methods,
  • novel in-house developed hyphenated thermal techniques permitting combinations of measurements on a single sample.

Education and training in thermal analysis for the academic and industrial community is also an objective.