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Polymers: Rheology and Processing



The relations between processing technology and polymeric material properties are studied.

Part 1: Polymer rheology (Prof. B. Van Mele; VUB)
Viscous flow; Viscoelastic behavior; Fundamental flow regimes; Rheometrical methods; Viscosity of polymers in the molten state; Elastic phenomena in polymer melt rheology

Part 2: Polymer processing (Prof. Prof. B. Van Mele; VUB)
Mixing of polymer systems; Polymer extrusion; Polymer calendering; Thermoforming of thermoplastics; Polymer molding;

 Injection molding *
* Thermoplastics injection molding, including the numerical simulation of the process (Prof. V. Leo; ULB, Solvay)

Part 3: Laboratory exercises (Prof. B. Van Mele; VUB)
Plate/plate and cone/plate rheometry; Oscillatory rheometry; Dynamic mechanical analysis; Chemo-rheology (experimental, modelling).