vub wapenschild

Polymer Chemistry


This course includes theoretical sessions, theoretical exercises and laboratory work regarding polymer chemistry.

Polymer chemistry concerns the chemistry of the synthesis of macromolecules. These molecules with long chain lengths are the basic constituents of plastics, coatings, adhesives, and rubbers. The detailed control of chemical composition and chain architecture of these macromolecules determines their morphology after processing. This also determines the properties of the final material and the applications for which the various polymers can be used.

In this course, the student wil learn how polymers can be synthesized. Among others, it will be discussed how changing the polymerisation mechanism affects the formation of different molecular microstructures, and thus different material properties, starting from the same constituents (the ‘monomers’). This course aims at bringing students knowledge and understanding in relation to (1) polymer synthesis, (2) the molecular characterization of polymers, and (3) their most important solid state properties, both from a theoretical and practical view point.