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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)


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The TA Instruments Q800 DMA is equipped with a liquid nitrogen cooling for measurements between -150°C and 600°C at heating and cooling rates between 0.1 and 20 K/min. Frequencies from 0.01 Hz to 200 Hz can be applied, with an option for multifrequency measurements. Using the time-temperature-superposition principle, the frequency range can be further extended to lower and higher frequencies.

Measurements can be done in 3-pt bending (typically for moduli above 1 GPa, e.g., for fibre-reinforced composites), single or double cantilever bending (for materials that become too compliant at higher temperatures), tension (fibres or films), or in compression mode (soft materials with moduli around 1-10 MPa, e.g., polymer gels or foams).

In addition to isothermal and non-isothermal experiments and frequency sweep experiments, stress-strain curve, stress relaxation, and creep measurements can be performed.

For the determination of the visco-elastic properties of liquids and soft rubbers, dynamic rheometry can be used.