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Micro- and nanocalorimetry


The TAMIII Thermal Activity Monitor of TA Instruments available in our lab is a multifunctional micro- and nanocalorimeter. Calorimetric experiments can be done in isothermal mode or in a slow heating or cooling (ca. 20°C-150°C). In addition, a titration calorimetry unit can be mounted in the nanocalorimeter, permitting isothermal titration calorimetry measurements.
As the micro- and nanocalorimeters have a stability better than ±1 µW over more than 1 month, the instrument is perfect for studying slow reaction, crystallization, or ageing processes.
The instrument is equipped with 12 microcalorimeters and one nanocalorimeter, sitting in a thermostated oil bath having a 1 µK stability over months. This implies a full phase diagram or a reaction study can be done in one run by measuring 13 compositions in parallel.

Temperature range: 20-150°C. Max. heating rate 5 K/h. 4 mL stainless steel or glass ampoules, the latter capped or heat-sealed.