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Congratulations Seppe!!

24.06.2020 - 01.10.2023

Congratulations Seppe Terryn on being awared the BIR&D Prize for your PhD dissertation, making the front cover of the Actuators issue of June and most and foremost, congratulations with your junior postdoctoral fellowship of the FWO. Seppe was also selected for the second round of the Solvay Awards for his PhD thesis, but was finally not awarded the prestigious award.


Postodctoral researcher Seppe Terryn, who is currently active at both the R&MM and FYSC research groups on the SHERO project, had the privilege for his research entitled "Self-Healing and High Interfacial Strength in Multi-Material Soft Pneumatic Robots via Reversible Diels–Alder Bonds" to feature the cover of the June issue of the Actuators journal (MDPI). This is a beautiful reward for the beautiful interdisciplinary work that is being conducted in a close collaboration of the materials engineers from FYSC and the mechanical engineers of R&MM.

The PhD work of Seppe Terryn was also recongized by the jury members of BIR&D and awarded with the BIR&D prize for the best PhD thesis. His PhD dissertation had also already been shortlisted by the jury of the Solvay Institutes for Chemistry and Physics for the second evaluation round.

Finally, Seppe also managed to secure funding for the next three years, as he was awarded a junior postdoctoral fellowship from the Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoen (FWO) for his research into "Introducing redundancy in multi-material, self-healing soft robots". This research will look at the fundamentals of introducing and later exploiting redundancy by variable recruitment of compliant actuators to take the next leap in healing capabilities and intelligence of smart self-healing (soft) robotic actuators. The recent work on the smart design of the material properties and their combination in multi-material actuators will be further valorized.

Good luck!