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Perfect score for FYSC at FWO individual fellowships 2019


All three of the applicants affiliated to the FYSC research group of VUB have been granted individual PhD fellowships from the Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO) Flanders. Congratulations to Jessica, Ellen and Marlies for obtaining these prestigious grants!

Jessica Mangialetto successfully applied for a fundamental research fellowship on the topic of "".  under supervision of Niko Van den Brande and Bruno Van Mele. In her work she explores the influence of vitrification on the reactivity of the dynamically reversible Diels-Alder reaction and possible implications for self-healing capabilities in thermoset materials (e.g. hard coatings).

Ellen Roels succesfully applied for a strategic basic research fellowship on the topic of "Additive manufacturing of self-healing soft robots with integrated sensing capabilities". Ellen will work at the Robotics and Multibody Mechanics group under supervision of Bram Vanderborght and at FYSC under supervision of Guy Van Assche. Her work continues the successful collaboration between FYSC and R&MM initiated by Seppe Terryn, who will defend his PhD on 22nd of October 2019, under the supervision of the same promoters. The self-healing sensors developed by Seppe will become smarter by the incorporation of sensors for health monitoring (position, deformation and touch sensing),

Marlies Thys succesfully applied for a strategic basic research fellowship on the topic of "Molecular design and characterization of adaptive polymers derived from biomass". Marlies was working at VITO under the supervision of Richard Vendamme and in collaboration with FYSC under the supervision of Guy Van Assche on the conversion of biomass into adaptive polymer composites. With this individual fellowship she will continue the fruitful collaborationwith VITO on the topic of adaptive lignin-based materials.