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Dr. Ahmed Barhoum

Ahmed Barhoum has received his BSc and MSc degree from Helwan University (HU) and Central metallurgical and research institute (CMRDI). In 2007, Barhoum has been appointed as assistant lecturer at Chemistry Department, Helwan University (HU). In 2012, Barhoum moved to Grenoble Institute of Technology to work on synthesis of nanostructured pigments for high performance coating. Then, he moved to Department of Materials and Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) to work on synthesis of nanostructured materials for high performance coating, multifunctional fabrics, and molecularly imprinted polymer. In 2015, Barhoum joined the Institute of Technical Chemistry at Leibniz University Hannover to work on the fabrication of macroporous and nonporous nanostructured particles for hydrogen production and photocatalytic applications.

Barhoum research interests include crystals growth and design, surface chemistry, nanostructured materials, nanoparticle synthesis, composite nanoparticles, mesoporous and macroporous materials, molecularly imprinted polymers, particle size analysis, advanced thermal analysis, highly performance coating, polymer nanocomposites, photocatalysis. He has been appointed as potential reviewer of some journals including ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Crystal Growth & Design, Cellulose, Bioresources, Materials and Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. Barhoum is the recipient of the FWO-Research Foundation Flanders Scholarship (2015), Medastar Erasmus Mundus Program Scholarship (2012), Welcome Erasmus Mundus Program Scholarship (2012), Campus France Scholarship (2012).