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Dr. Amit Kumar Ghosh

Hello, I am Amit Kumar Ghosh. I started my PhD in the year of 2010 under the supervision of Prof Bruno Van Mele and Prof. Danny Van Hemelrijck. My PhD topic is "Polymer modifications to improve interactions in steel-polymer hybrids". It's a part of NANOFORCE - Next generation nano-engineered Polymer-Steel/CNT Hybrids (NaPoS) project. Before joining for the PhD, I did my master degree in "Fibre science & Technology" from IIT Delhi (India) and bachelor degree in "Jute and fibre technology" form University of Calcutta (India). Apart from my research, I also involved in the supervision and teaching of the laboratory course in 'Polymers: Properties and physical characterization'.

My current research interests are:

  • Steel-polymer interaction, adhesion strength
  • Curing of epoxy resin
  • Thermoplastic polymers
  • Fibre reinforced composite
  • nano-modification of polymer matrix