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Dr. Ana Torre Muruzabal

I graduated as a master in chemistry in October 2010 at Universidad de Valladolid (Spain). Then, I studied a master degree in integrated management of quality, environment and safety at Colegio Oficial de Quimicos de Cantabria, Valladolid y Palencia (Spain). I was awarded with a Leonardo Da Vinci scholarship in 2011 and I did an internship in DuPont AirProducts NanoMaterials (Ruabon, UK). In January 2012, I started working in Centro Tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro (Burgos, Spain) in the Non-Metallic Materials Testing Laboratory until January 2013.

Then, I started my PhD at FYSC. The first year I was involved in the SEPOCOM project (SElf-healing thermoset POlymers and COMposites). Since January 2014, I am working on my PhD project on vascular self-healing materials made via sacrificial electrospun fibers.