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Prof. Bruno Van Mele

Bruno Van Mele is full professor in Chemical and Materials Engineering and head of the research group Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science (FYSC). He graduated in 1975 as Chemical Engineer and obtained a PhD in Applied Sciences in 1982. He is chairman of the educational department Materials and Chemistry (MACH) and of the educational council Chemistry and Materials (ORCM).   

He is teaching Physical Chemistry for 3rd Bachelor VUB students,  and Polymer Science and Technology for VUB, ULB and international students in the frame of Brussels Faculty of Engineering (BRUFACE). He is vice-chairman of the Faculty commission on International Relations (FACIR) and exchange coordinator for Materials and Process Technology. 

His research is focusing on structure-processing-property relationships in multifunctional polymer systems, including nanocomposites, nanostructured thin polymer films and coatings, polymer blends and solutions, organic photovoltaics, and selfhealing polymers. Advanced Thermal Analysis is a main characterization tool.