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Prof. Guy Van Assche

Prof. Dr. ir Guy Van Assche received his PhD from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 1998. After one-year stay at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, he continued as a postdoctoral researcher of the Research Foundation - Flanders, focussing on the development and application of advanced thermal analysis techniques, applied in the context of reactive polymers, polymer solutions, and nano-structured polymer systems, including nanocomposites, self-healing polymers, and photovoltaic blends. The main techniques of interest are modulated temperature DSC, rapid-scanning DSC for the analysis of small samples or thin films, AFM-based thermal analysis techniques, and the development of RheoDSC, a technique for simultaneous rheological and calorimetric analysis. The instrument and process development is supported by numerical modelling of heat transfer coupled with chemical reactions or crystallization using finite element analysis. Having been part-time lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel since 2001, he became full-time lecturer in 2011 and is teaching courses in thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, advanced thermal analysis, and nanostructured materials.