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Jessica Mangialetto

I graduated in June 2018 as Chemical Engineer (option Materials) from the Bruface program, the English common engineer master from the VUB-ULB collaboration. During this master, I had the opportunity to have a first working experiment through an internship at ASCO Industries where I discovered the aircraft industry. After that internship, I choose to do my master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Van Mele at Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science (FYSC), a department of VUB, even though I was originally from ULB. For that end of study project, I studied diffusion-controlled reversible network formation in the frame of an application on photovoltaics panels where I started a fundamental study on the effect of vitrification on the rate of reversible Diels-Alder reactions.

In October 2018, I officially joined FYSC as PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Niko Van den Brande with the assistant mandate of the department. I continue the work I started on a fundamental study of diffusion-controlled reversible network formation with this time, the upcoming plan to study also thin films and powder coating applications.