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Prof. Joost Brancart

In 2017 Joost Brancart obtained his PhD degree at the Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science (FYSC) research group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). He developed expertise in the preparation and study of reversible covalent polymer network systems. The reversible network formation can be activated by means of a thermal stimulus for networks crosslinked using the thermoreversible Diels-Alder reaction or by means of a light stimulus for networks crosslinked using the photoreversible anthracene dimerization reaction. These stimuli-responsive materials find applications as self-healing materials, for reversible adhesion and in advanced processing techniques that are otherwise not available to covalent polymer networks, e.g. additive manufacturing.

Joost is now active as a postdoctoral researcher, currently affiliated to the FWO. He supervises and guides PhD students and master thesis students in topics related to reversible polymerization and stimuli-responsive materials for various applications (self-healing coatings for corrosion protection, self-healing robotic actuators, deformation and damage sensing, adaptable/transformable structures ...). In his personal research ihe studies the influence of filler materials on the properties of the developed reversible polymer network composites to create electrically conductive reversible networks, among other.

Joost has also been actively involved in teaching with activities in BA1 chemistry and BA2 thermodynamics courses during his PhD and involvement in MA1 Polymer Materials courses during his postdoc.