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Dr. Jose A. Ramos Garcia

In 2001 after finishing my master degree in Chemistry, I joined to ‘Materials + Technologies Group’ of the University of Basque Country, to start my PhD's studies that ended in 2007. Under the kindly supervision of the late Prof. Iñaki Mondragon, I was introduced in the field of thermosetting materials.

During my PhD thesis I focused on investigation of volume variations through curing of epoxy resins. It allows me to acquire experience in the field of thermosetting kinetics, by using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) analysis. Thus, I contacted with Prof. Carmen Riccardi and Prof. Julio Borrajo from INTEMA, Argentina, in order to acquire more knowledge about kinetics modeling of epoxy resins and with Prof. Alberto Somoza from IFIMAT, Argentina, for the evaluation of nanoholes variation as a consequence of the different hardeners and curing cycles used for the fabrication of epoxy resins by positron annihilation spectroscopy (PALS).

I was also partially engaged in the research connected with several projects aimed at obtaining nanostructured epoxy matrices by the addition of block copolymers and kinetics studies of resol-clay nanocomposites, allowing me to explore new nanocomposite areas and obtaining the same experience in the field of kinetics. In my last period at the University of the Basque Country, I prepared some conductive epoxy nanocomposites, based on block copolymers and oriented carbon nanotubes.

In 2012, I joined to FYSC group as making contact with self healing materials. Working in 3 SIM SHE projects, I hope to understand shelf healing materials soon.