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Dr. Maria Mercedes Diaz Acevedo

 I studied Chemical Engineering in Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia 2002-2008. I worked during one year in sales of lab equipment for rheology and thermal analysis. During that year I got really interested in material science, so I decided to move to Belgium to start a Masters in this subject. In 2009 I started my Master's at the ULB and in the last year I did my thesis "Thermal Characterization of Reversible Thermoset Coatings with Self-Healing Properties" in FYSC.

Afterwards, I started a PhD at VUB in 2011 on self -healing coatings and I've been doing research on that subject ever since.I am currently continuing the reasearch started on my master thesis focused on reversible networks based on Diels-Alder covalent bonds for self-healing applications. Additionally, I participate in the NAPROM project, where we are developing cotaings with self-healing properties using design startegies such as shape-memory polymers and supramolecular networks.