vub wapenschild

Perry Walters

After finishing my high school studies (Science-Math-Sports) at K. A. Pitzemburg in Mechelen, starting a Bachelor in Science: Chemistry wasn't a difficult decision to make. Five years later, I’m the proud owner of a master’s degree in science: chemistry with a specialization in molecular and macromolecular design.

My master’s thesis was entitled “Nanostructuring of UV-curable polyurethane dispersion coating with multifunctional properties”. During this thesis, an internship at CYTEC and summerjobs at Dupont Performance Coatings, I had the opportunity to synthesize and characterize different polymer systems, which were mostly for coating applications.

At the moment I’m a PhD-student at the MACH-FYSC department at the VUB, investigating the nanostructuring of UV-PUD coatings with applications as antistatic and high-performance coatings.