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GREENCOAT: Development of “Green” Coatings with Multifunctional Properties


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Multi-functionality: we will explore various coating chemistries (with different functionalities) using the atmospheric plasma technology, to create metal surfaces with optimal performance.

Eco-friendly: we will explore atmospheric plasma technology for the surface treatments using benign chemicals, including the possibility to deposit gradient coatings and co-deposition of an organic layer with metal oxide nano-particles for improved (self-healing) properties.

Time-efficient: will be achieved by following the atmospheric plasma processing route, which can in one process set-up pre-clean and activate a metal surface, and deposit an in-situ polymerised layer. We aim to develop an "all-in-one" atmospheric plasma polymerised hybrid (organic/ inorganic) surface treatment procedure for metals. This surface treatment combines and replaces the separate conventional wet pre-cleaning, activation, conversion and primer procedures.

We specifically aim at two types of coatings with dedicated functional properties:

  • For outdoor metal exposure: a preconditioning coating with good adherence to the metal, good bonding with the overlying paint finish, durable barrier properties and a self-healing ability (inhibitor release) for long-term corrosion protection.
  • For indoor metal applications: a surface finishing coating with tailored functional appearance (metallic look, colour, reflectivity etc) that can be predicted using optical modeling procedures.

Know-how: The screening of various atmospheric plasma polymerised coating chemistries with different functionalities, morphologies and resulting properties will create extensive know-how on the possibilities of plasma deposition for multifunctional surfaces. This know-how can be used for the development of other coatings with other properties and for other application fields such as automotive, aerospace, packaging, electrical engineering, household appliances etc.