vub wapenschild

Molecular mixing in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells - nanomorphology vs performance

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The main aim of the project is  to unravel the nanomorphology formation at the molecular level and its effect on device
performance beyond the state of the art by an integrated experimental effort, combining the study of blends via advanced thermal analysis and solid-state NMR techniques with in situ analysis of the optoelectronic characteristics in photovoltaic devices.

The materials under study are donor-acceptor alternating copolymers of which the side chain pattern andmolecular weight are systematically varied. In combination with known fullerenes, intercalation phenomena are studied and interpreted in function of an integrated model, combined with additional support from theoretical modelling and 3D-TEM/EELS data. The deeper insights so obtained may lead to molecular structure engineering in function of the desired nanomorphology and resulting photovoltaic parameters.