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Novel Active Protection Systems On Metals (NAPROM)


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The SBO project NAPROM, deals with an innovative coating concept for corrosion protection of metals, combining self-healing polymers with corrosion inhibitors.

Organic coatings are a very cost-effective method to protect metals against corrosion, however when they suffer any deffects the metal is exposed to the environment causing corrosion and deterioration of the metal. The NAPROM project was conceived with the aim to research on solutions to this problem.

The project involves the design of self-healing coatings with good barrier properties to protect a metal subtrate from corrosion with the ability to heal its deffects recovering its intial properties. In the design it is also considered that the coating should contain in its structure corrosion inhibitors to guarantee that while the coating heals, corrosion is not induced.

In the scope of the project, different approcaches of self-healing are strategies are addressed. Currently, research is mostly focused on two types of self-healing mechanisms such as shape-memory and supramolecular interactions. The self-healing ability and the properties of these materials are studied in FYSC using thermal analysis and thermomechanical techniques. By the use of this techniques it is possible to understand how each of the self-healing strategies work, and to define the operating window for these materials.

For this project a multidisciplinary team works together in order to achieve the most succesful functional coatings. Our collaboration counts with the expertise of the different research groups in Belgium like SURF-VUB, SC-GHENT, PCR-GHENT, EMAT-UA and FLAMAC.