During the two master's years, the student can combine his knowledge and polyvalent engineering skills, which he learned during the bachelor's years, with a further specialization in civil engineering.

The general goal of this program is to create engineers whom can operate in a variety of domains, and thereby help society, and to create engineers capable to exert and manage construction projects. This academic training has a close relation with scientific research and creates the foundation for live-long-learning.

The specific goal of the program "Master of Science in Engineering: Civil Engineering" is to create a student with knowledge concerning the design, realization and maintainance of structures, with the necessary attention towards stability, safety, durability, cost and the environment. Alongside these skills some other aspects, like economics, law, human science, languages etc. will also be acquired. 

A civil engineer also needs a set of skills who allow to solve and tackle a construction problem in a professial way. He will be able to efficiently gather and process relevant information, and formulate and implement his solution.

The program will also enlight the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to work independent or as a team on a scientifical topic. And last but not least, the program should teach the skills to take up a responsable and leading role in the realisation of civil engineering projects, with his attention and apprehension towards social aspects and the right place and role of technology and the engineer in society with respect humanity and the environment.

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