Lincy Pyl

General info

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Structural design, static/dynamic analysis, lightweight structures, steel structures and composite structures, connections, numerical/experimental technique (inverse methods)

Professional career

Professor in Civil Engineering
Doctor in Engineering (Ph.D.)


-          Multidisciplinary project
-          Structural design
-          Traineeship: Civil Engineering


Experience regarding structural analysis can be situated within the next domains:

1. The design of structures meeting requirements regarding strength and stiffness, taking into consideration the global and local stability (buckling, lateral torsional buckling, local buckling) and the acceptable deflections.  Future goal of the group is a.o. further research towards design and optimization of lightweight structures including the connections.

The mathematical models supporting the architectural design allow intensive cooperation between research groups MeMC and ARCH.

2. Material characterization

An optimal design needs a.o. the appropriate material choice and a profound knowledge of the mechanical properties. The department MeMC has expertise in the development of new materials and the determination of the material properties using experimental-numerical modelling (inverse methods).  Knowledge of the behavior of materials at different temperatures (ambient temperature, fire, in heat affected zones in welds, hot dip galvanizing,…), hardening effects, long term effects (fatigue, degradation, cracking,…) is crucial for a good design.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about the research of our group or for future collaboration possibilities.


Conference publications: 

L. Pyl, G. Degrande, and D. Clouteau. Validation of a source-receiver model for road traffic induced vibrations in buildings. II: receiver model. Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Proceedings of the ASCE, 130(12): 1394-1406, 2004.

R. Maquoi, R. Debruyckere, J.-F. Demonceau, L. Pyl. Staal-betonconstructies. Construction mixte. Nederlands- en franstalig boek gebaseerd op Staal-beton door J.W.B. Stark en R.J. Stark. ISBN 978 90 8075 550 5 Staal-betonconstructies – ISBN 978 90 8075 557 4 Construction mixte, 2011.

L. Pyl, L. Schueremans, I. Georgieva, W. Dierckx. Jointing of structures made of cold-formed sections – Stiffness model and experimental validation, Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Steel and Composite Structures, Budapest, Hungary, Volume A, 75-81, 2011.

L. Pyl, L. Schueremans, W. Dierckx, I. Georgieva, M. Carroccio, R. Trippaers. Fire safety analysis of a 3D frame consisting of cold-formed sections; Numerical modeling versus experimental behaviour based on a full-scale fire test. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Thin Walled Structures, Timisoara, Romania, Volume 1, 447-455, 2011. 

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