Pieter Minnebo

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Jette, Belgiƫ


Self-healing concrete, non-destructive testing, non-destructive techniques

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Civil Engineering - VUB-Bruface - class of 2013


Feasibility study on taking self-healing concrete to industrial scale
The concept of self-healing concrete is able to reduce the high maintenance and repair costs of concrete structures. So far, the concept of self-healing is tested on lab-scale under careful and well controlled circumstance. In reality, introducing the self-healing aspect should be as simple as possible, e.g. by adding self-healing capsules to the concrete mix or by attaching self-healing veins to the steel reinforcement. Also knowledge on the strength degradation is important for engineers calculating structures which would have self-healing capabilities.
On lab scale, glass is the regular used material, but glass possesses the disadvantages that slow alkali-silica reactions occur between it and concrete. This leads to unwanted internal damage. Another disadvantage is that glass breaks during the concrete mixing and pouring process.
Therefor it will be investigated whether materials exist who can coop with the rough real-scale circumstances by exposing them to real mixing and pouring processes. Along the way, more practical problems will arise and will be looked into to solve. For instance, how will we make sure that the self-healing capsules are randomly distributed? How will we make sure the self-healing veins stay in place whilst the concrete is poured?
In order to characterize the self-healing behavior several test will be conducted and non-destructive techniques such as Acoustic Emission, Digital Image Correlation and ultrasonic pulse velocity sensors will be employed to map and characterize the self-healing behavior.
A method and characterization is needed to take self-healing concrete from lab-scale to real-scale. The self-healing mechanisms should be able to survive the concrete mixing and pouring process and their influence on the strength degradation of the concrete has to be known in order to make proper calculations for structures.


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