MeMC farewelled successfully 2015 with a new doctorate



On 17 December 2015, Evy Verwimp,  MeMC-VUB PhD candidate, publicly defended her PhD thesis dissertation entitled “STRUCTURAL STAY-IN-PLACE FORMWORK IN CEMENT COMPOSITES FOR THIN CONCRETE SHELLS: Analysis, modelling and design”.


The PhD and the scientific work were supervised by Tine Tysmans (supervisor) and Marijke Mollaert (co-supervisor). Members of the jury were: Willy Bauwens (VUB - Chairman);  Rik Pintelon (VUB - Vice-chairman); Jan Wastiels (VUB - Secretary); Lars De Laet (VUB); Rostislav Chudoba (RWTH University of Aachen, Germany) and John Orr (University of Bath, United Kingdom).


Evy, proficiat! We wish you to make the best of your free time at present and find your new challenge for the future!



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