Representation of MEMC-VUB on the 32nd European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing (EWGAE) in Czech Republic, Prague, on September 07-09 2016.

After one year of research the first interesting results about “Characterization of fracture mode in masonry by AE” were presented by our PhD researcher Georgios Livitsanos. Investigation of masonry components heterogeneity as well as an interesting approach to the crack initiation identification in masonry specimens by AE is achieved. 120 presentations and many interesting conversations among research community on AE consist always a strong motivation for being present in this kind of events. Apart from the presentation Giorgos also co-chaired session 12- Civil Engineering. MEMC who was also represented in the scientific committee of the symposium counts another successful participation in a strong international event. Of course Prague is a picturesque and beautiful city where “Non-Destructive” sightseeing is strongly suggested and the AE activity emitted by the Metronome (Symbol of freedom in Prague) provides relaxation and imagination for the next steps of research.

The paper contributed by MEMC in collaboration with KU Leuven was: Characterization of fracture mode in masonry by acoustic emission, Georgios Livitsanos, Naveen Shetty, Els Verstrynge, Martine Wevers, Danny Van Hemelrijck, Dimitrios Aggelis.

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