Johnny Vantomme

General info

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Mechanical behavior of materials and structures, civil engineering, concrete structures, effects of explosions on structures

Professional career

In VUB, I have a charge as temporary part-time professor, responsible for the course “Design of concrete structures” in the BRUFACE program.

In RMA, I have a full time charge as head of the Civil and Materials Engineering Dept.


In VUB, I am responsible for the course “Design of concrete structures” (5 ECTS) in the BRUFACE program.

In RMA, I am responsible for courses in strength of materials, properties of construction materials, design of concrete structures, technical aspects of outdoor operations and effects of explosions on structures


Research is focused on experimental, analytical and numerical analysis of effects of explosions on structures, including the determination of blast loads on structures, the dynamic behavior of construction elements and techniques for protection. Other research topics deal with the caracterisation of self compacting concrete.


Conference publications: 

-                     HEIRMAN, G., HENDRICKX, R., VANDEWALLE, L., VAN GEMERT, D., FEYS, D., DE SCHUTTER, G., DESMET, B., VANTOMME, J., Integration approach of the Couette inverse problem of powder type self-compacting concrete in a wide-gap concentric cylinder rheometer - Part II. Influence of mineral additions and chemical admixtures on the shear thickening flow behaviour”, Cem. Concr. Res 39(3)(2009):171-181

-                     KAKOGIANNIS, D., VAN HEMELRIJCK, D., WASTIELS, J., PALANIVELU, S., VAN PAEPEGEM, W., VANTOMME, J., KOTZAKOLIOS, A., KOSTOPOULOS, V., Assessment of pressure waves generated by explosive loading, Computer modelling in Engineering and Sciences, Vol. 65, N° 1, 2010

-                     PALANIVELU, S., VAN PAEPEGEM, W., DEGRIECK, J., REYMEN, B., NDAMBI, J.M., VANTOMME, J., KAKOGIANNIS, D., WASTIELS, J., VAN HEMELRIJCK, D., Close-range blast loading on empty recyclable metal beverage cans for use in sacrificial cladding structure, Engineering Structures, Vol. 33, Iss. 6, 2011, pp. 1966-1987

-                     PALANIVELU, S., VAN PAEPEGEM, W., DEGRIECK, J., DE PAUW, S., VANTOMME, J., VAN ACKEREN, J., KAKOGIANNIS, D., VAN HEMELRIJCK, D., WASTIELS, J., Low velocity axial impact crushing performance of recyclable metal beverage cans, Int. Journal of impact engineering, Vol. 38, Iss. 1, 2011, pp. 622-636

SANTAFE, B., BERKE, P., BOUILLARD, Ph., VANTOMME, J., MASSART, T.J., Investigation of the influence of design and material parameters in the progressive collapse analysis of RC structures. Engineering Structures, in Press (June 2011)

Current projects

-          European project  VULCAN (2007-2010); VULnerability analysis for near future Composite-hybrid aerostructures : hardening via new materials and design approaches against fire and blAst due to accideNts or terrorist attacks; 6th European Framework Program, Aeronautics and Space.

-          FWO project N° G.0114.07 (2007-2010); Het energieabsorberend vermogen van composietstructuren ter bescherming van bouwkundige constructies tegen explosiebelasting.

-          Project IWT 080010 (2009-2010); Fundamental design approaches for improvement of the fire safety in car parks; SBO project.

-          FWO project N° G.0355.09 (2009-2012); Het beheersen van de reologie van beton bij het gecombineerd gebruik van plastificeerders/vertragers en versnellers.

European project ADBLAST (2010-2013); Advanced design methods for BLAST loaded steel structures; Research Fund for Coal and Steel

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