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Irene Pérez-Fernández

Irene Pérez-Fernández is Lecturer in English Studies at the University of Oviedo. Her research focuses on the notions of gender, space and identity in contemporary British literature and literatures in English with a special interest in the literary works of contemporary Black British and Asian British Women Writers. She is the author of two books Espacio, Identidad y Género: Aproximaciones Teóricas (2009) and Maggie Gee: 'The Artist/Artista.' (2011). She has published articles on the works of Andrea Levy, Zadie Smith, Diana Evans in various international journals (Atlantis, Odisea, The Grove, Interactions: Journal of British and American Studies and Journal of Postcolonial Writing) and has translated Joan Anim-Addo's short story "Daughter and His Housekeeper" into Spanish (Revolución y Cultura).