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SuAndi has written poetry, prose and librettos and has performed her poetry internationally. She was born of a British mother and Nigerian father in Hulme, Manchester, in 1951. She was active as a dancer and model before becoming a performance poet in 1985. Since the mid 1980s she has also been the freelance Cultural Director of the National Black Arts Alliance, on whose behalf she has organised a wide range of exhibitions and events.

She has published various collections of poems, including Style (1990), Nearly Forty (1994), There Will Be No Tears (1996) and I Love the Blackness of my People (2003). Her poetry has appeared in various magazines and anthologies. Her ​solo performance The Story of M​ was commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art in 1995 and following its publication in 2017 included in the the A-levels English Literature syllabus of the EdExcel Examination Board. She has also written two librettos, The Calling (BBC Philharmonic 2005), and Mary Seacole, which had a West End opening and toured Britain in 2000. Her poetry performances have been recorded and broadcast. In 2019 she published a collection of interviews with white women in mixed-race relationships (or with their children) Strength of our Mothers.

She was awarded an OBE for her contributions to the Black Arts Sector in 1999 and received The Windrush Inspirational Award (2003), a NESTA Dreamtime Award (2005) and a Winston Churchill Fellowship (1996). She has received honorary doctorates from the University of Lancaster (in 2015) and from Manchester Metropolitan University (DArt in 2018). She is currently Creative Writing Fellow at the University of Leicester.


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