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debbie tucker green

debbie tucker green (sic) is a British playwright, writer and director. Her plays include Two Women (Soho Theatre, 2000), Dirty Butterfly (Soho Theatre, 2003), Trade (The Other Place, 2004), Stoning Mary (Royal Court Theatre, 2005), Generations (Cottesloe Theatre, National Theatre, 2005), Laws of War (Royal Court Theatre, 2010), Truth and Reconciliation (Royal Court Theatre, 2011) and Hang (Royal Court Theatre, 2015).  In 2004, her play Born Bad (Hampstead Theatre, 2003) received the Olivier Award for most promising newcomer and Random (Royal Court Theatre, 2010) won a BAFTA award.

In 2014 she wrote and directed the film Second Coming, which was nominated for a BAFTA Award.


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