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Contemporary Black British Women’s Writing: Toward Innovation in Language, Form and Genre

Conference panels

6-7-8 July 2017
  • Organised by: Elisabeth Bekers (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) & Helen Cousins (Newman University)
  • Tampere, Finland

@ Afroeuropeans Conference, Tampere, Finland

This panel on the aesthetic innovations in contemporary Black British Women’s Literature from the 1990s to the present explores black British women writers’ experimentations with language, form and genre; this refocuses the more common critical assessments, concerned predominantly with the authors’ thematic commitments, and ruptures the cycle whereby writing ‘ethnographically’ or politically is the only mode of acceptance. The panel’s aim is to demonstrate how the authors make formal connections with broader, more visible categories of literature in Britain and beyond, without necessarily compromising their commitment to socio-political and cultural concerns. Focusing on works of different genres, it investigates how black British women writers intervene in contemporary aesthetic trends and creatively challenge and invigorate the dominant culture’s forms.