June 2020

Focused call circular construction economy

Circular Flanders and OVAM are launching a call for projects to support innovative initiatives in circular construction. With the call they want to help overcome persistent obstacles for a circular construction sector. But where do we stand today?

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Flemish construction can make an important contribution to reducing the pressure on the environment. Circular and change-oriented building is therefore the perfect opportunity to turn this challenge into a valuable opportunity for the places where we live and work. In the circular building economy, we deal more efficiently with materials, energy, water and space by cleverly closing cycles.


Persistent obstacles?

The transition to a circular construction economy is not easy. There are no ready-made solutions, and old habits are deeply rooted in our practice and in our training. That is exactly what we were looking for in the Flemish living lab on Circular Building, in which VUB Architectural Engineering is a research partner.

The challenges are thus concrete: How do we capture today the gains of future reuse? How do we make demountable solutions robust and reliable? Or how can everyone build in a circular way? Not behind our desks, but by working together and learning consciously, we can find an answer to these challenges.


How do you build in a circular way?


Learning by doing together

VUB Architectural Engineering has the knowledge and experience to support the practice in its transition to a circular economy. Not only scientific research on change-oriented and circular building, but also consultancy projects have contributed to this knowledge over the past decade.

For example, it has been possible with design firms to test and improve design support tools developed in diverse projects. In the Circular Retrofit Lab we collaborate with material products and contractors. And we co-create new circular revenue models and as-a-service contracts with investors and service providers.


How can we advise you?


Informative webinar

On Friday 3 July at 10 am Flanders Circular and OVAM will hold a webinar for interested parties. They will explain the project call and answer questions.


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