Architecture week, workshop | picture: bru:tecture | 2018

Temporary installation during the architecture week | picture: Vakwerk | 2018

Architecture week, inflated air dome | picture: bru:tecture | 2017


ARCH goes corona-proof!

(last updated 01/10/2020)

On campus if possible, online because you can 

For students in their first Bachelor's degree, we want to put maximum effort into a 'full-campus' experience. They are given priority when booking classrooms so they to get to know each other and the campus in a safe way. Thanks to the support of various VUB services and colleagues, we have succeeded in organising a large part of the lectures and practical seminars on campus for the second and third Bachelor as well. Things are different for the students in the Master's programme. All lectures can be followed online. In principle, practical seminars are organised on campus, but always with an online alternative for people who are unable to travel to Belgium.

Within these general outlines, each course has its own modalities. The lecturers will tell you more about this during the first lessons and announce the most important issues via Canvas. So always check Canvas, because this is the only official communication platform!

Can't remember which lesson will take place when? And whether it is online or on campus? Here you will find the timetables for the bachelors and for the masters.

What about the design studio?

The design studio is the beating heart of our department: in normal circumstances, not only the design courses take place here, but students also come together to work on a group task, write their thesis, during the day and in the evening... None of this is possible now. Below are some new rules for the design studio - also motivate each other to follow these rules!

The design studios are given absolute priority on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The unused hours are made available again for you to work on a task together or study quietly.

You can't however just walk into the studio. Book and register your workplace via this tool. You can reserve blocks of 4.5 hours, so from 8h00-12h30 and from 13h00-17h30. Fridays are reserved for thesis students. In the studio you can work with a maximum of 4 students at a double table and a maximum of 30 students are admitted. By making a reservation, you can be sure of your place and of a safe working environment.

The studio has been redesigned in such a way that the design supervisors can give explanations in one part (with chairs at a sufficient distance), in the other part there are tables on which you can work at a distance from each other. Please do not move the tables and chairs!

Enter the studio from the stairwell and make sure you keep a sufficient distance from others. Disinfect your hands beforehand with hand gel, or wash them with soap and water. We also ask everyone to disinfect the place where you are sitting before and after - there will be disinfection spray and paper available in the studio. Wearing a face mask is compulsory in the studio, unless you are sitting in the same place for a long time and the face mask becomes too uncomfortable: in that case you can take it off for a while - but only as long as you are sitting down and at a safe distance from others. Spread out as much as possible over the entire studio. Open a window to allow sufficient ventilation. By the way, the same rules apply to the computer rooms (don't forget to disinfect the mouse!) Plexiglas screens are provided for the feedback sessions with the design lecturers.

Stay in touch!

Do you have any questions? Is something not clear? No access to Canvas? Do you have any feedback for us? Don't hesitate to contact us! If it concerns a specific course, you can contact the person in charge. If you have a more general question or if you cannot find the right contact person, please contact prof. Niels De Temmerman (Bachelors) or prof. Stephanie Van de Voorde (Masters). We will help you as soon as possible!

We also ask the representative of each year to pass on their details to Niels and Stephanie, so that we can quickly reach entire groups of students in the event of any changes.

On campus

Back to campus! The VUB has drawn up guidelines and precautions that everyone on campus must follow. For example, a face mask is compulsory everywhere, including outside! Follow all signage, keep to the right, 'going outside' has priority over 'going inside',... A complete overview can be found here. If you have a question about the campus facilities (the sports service, the cafeteria, the library,...) take a look here. Can't find an answer to your questions here? Send an e-mail to

Finally, we would like to remind you of the general basic rules: keep your distance (at least 1.5m), wash your hands regularly, wear a face mask where it is compulsory or where you cannot keep your distance. And also: if you are ill, stay at home!