Architecture week, inflated air dome | picture: bru:tecture | 2017

Architecture week, workshop | picture: bru:tecture | 2018

Temporary installation during the architecture week | picture: Vakwerk | 2018


ARCH continues to work online

(last updated 22/02/2021)

Mostely online in the second semester

All lectures are completely online in the second semester. Also practical seminars take place digitally, with the exception of the design studio in 1st and 2nd Bachelor. For each course, the teaching staff communicates on Canvas how this is organised. The positive effect of the measures is already clearly visible in the declining corona numbers, yet they are still too high. To further reduce these numbers, ARCH will continue to work online during this semester.

The latest news from the VUB in relation to the Corona measures can be found on the student portal.

What about the design studio?

Unfortunately, the design studio also has to close its doors temporarily for Master students. All of this has to happen in your (student) home. If you don’t have a good place to study or to follow the online courses, you can reserve a spot in the library. Please contact the VUB Study Guidance for more information.

In the meantime, we have set up five virtual ateliers, where you can do everything that you would normally do in the physical atelier: you can work on an assignment together, eat something, get to know each other better. You can video call, or leave a message in the chat (at least if they are meant to be read by everyone, because everyone of the department has access to them!). You can also visit the atelier of another year, for example if you are following courses in two different years. The assistants and professors might also drop in once in a while, if we have a question for you or if you invite us.

Stay in touch!

Do you have any questions? Is something not clear? No access to Canvas? Do you have any feedback for us? Don't hesitate to contact us! If it concerns a specific course, you can contact the person in charge. If you have a more general question or if you cannot find the right contact person, please contact prof. Niels De Temmerman (Bachelors) or prof. Stephanie Van de Voorde (Masters). We will help you as soon as possible!

This whole situation has an important impact on the practical organisation of education, but it does not stop there. Many students experience psychological or financial difficulties. Even during corona, the VUB wants to be a warm university, helping everyone who needs it. An overview of the support measures can be found here.

Above all, keep in regular contact with each other - no one else knows better what you are going through than your fellow students. Also check the instagram page of the department: we have posted some tips for and by students to help you get through this difficult period a little better!

What should I do if I am (possibly) infected?

In the meantime, the basic rules concerning COVID19 are well known: wash your hands, wear the face mask correctly, keep your distance and ventilate. But what to do if you have been in contact with an infected person, or if you are infected yourself? We are all responsible for each other's safety, so please observe the following:

  • Are you ill? Don't hesitate: stay at home and consult your GP immediately.
  • Have you been diagnosed with the Coronavirus? Do not hesitate. Stay home and inform the VUB immediately via VUB wishes you a swift recovery!

IMPORTANT: Management assistant Ann Herminaire from the ARCH department has taken on the role of CoronaSafe contact person, which means that you will inform her immediately if you meet one of the three cases above. She will then inform you further with the applicable instructions.