Filip Descamps

Filip Descamps

By the simulation and optimization of heating and ventilation systems, the research of Filip Descamps contributes to the field of 'renovation and re-use', 'light weight structures' as well as '4D design'.

Filip Descamps is partner of consulting office Daidalos Peutz.

Supervised PhDs

  • Development of contextual feedback mechanisms to reduce residential energy consumption
  • by Sophie Chamart
  • Optimised control of an adaptive hybrid indoor air quality system through context-based user feedback based on history, simulation and peer review.
  • by Bert Belmans
  • Strategy for visual comfort control - through HDR luminance mapping by a low-cost controller system
  • by Charlotte Goovaerts
  • Occupancy and Activitiy Modelling for Building Energy Demand Simulations, Comparative Feedback and Residential Electricity Demand Characterisation
  • by Dorien Aerts
  • Thermal comfort of patients in healthcare facilities
  • by Jan Verheyen