Modular student housing of Willy Van Der Meeren at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel | picture:


List of the completed PhD research


  • Living Material Fabrication for Sustainable Lightweight Architecture
    by Elise Elsacker   |   download
  • Building Brussels. Construction Entrepreneurs in a Transforming Urban Space (1830-1970)
    by Matthijs Degraeve
  • Hidden Innovation. Roof Frame Design and Construction in Parish churches of Brussels and Charleroi (1830-1940)
    by Romain Wibaut   |   download
  • 2020 

  • Optimised control of an adaptive hybrid indoor air quality system through context-based user feedback based on history, simulation and peer review.
    by Bert Belmans
  • Built to construct: learning from the architecture of construction workplaces in the Brussels-Capital Region
    by Frederik Vandyck
  • Structural reliability-based design of tensile membrane structures
    by Elien De Smedt
  • 2019 

  • Restoration strategies for stone imitating renders: Development of a tool for composing repair mortars
    by Yves Govaerts
  • Structurally Informed Decision-making by Means of Data Visualisations
    by Lennert Loos
  • Optimal design of gridshells
    by Jef Rombouts
  • 2018 

  • Rapidly assembled systems with flexible components: a dialogue between active-bending and transformability
    by Stijn Brancart
  • Strategy for visual comfort control - through HDR luminance mapping by a low-cost controller system
    by Charlotte Goovaerts   |   download
  • Preserving historical urban warehouses in Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp by understanding their architecture and technology.
    by Marianne De Fossé   |   download
  • Becoming Professional Practitioners. A History of General Contractors in Belgium (1870-1970)
    by Jelena Dobbels
  • Roofs with Roots. The historical developments of timber roof structures in 19th- and early 20th-century Belgium
    by Louis Vandenabeele   |   download
  • 2017 

  • Deployable Scissor Grids: Geometry and Kinematics
    by Kelvin Roovers
  • Biaxial Testing of Fabrics - Test methodologies and their impact on material parameters and the structural design process
    by Maarten Van Craenenbroeck   |   download
  • Integrated Analysis of Kinematic Form Active Structures
    by Silke Puystiens
  • 2016 

  • Deployable Scissor Structures for Disaster Relief: Multi-Criteria Optimisation and Design for Adaptability
    by Aushim Koumar
  • Enhancing the adaptable capacity of urban fragments: a methodology to integrate Design for Change in sustainable urban projects
    by Pieter Herthogs
  • Using environmental life cycle assessment to inform decision-making for demountable building elements
    by Mieke Vandenbroucke
  • 2015 

  • Occupancy and Activitiy Modelling for Building Energy Demand Simulations, Comparative Feedback and Residential Electricity Demand Characterisation
    by Dorien Aerts   |   download
  • A flexible and structural formwork for concrete shells
    by Evy Verwimp
  • Material history and study of cimorné decorative cement render: from interwar craftsmanship to contemporary restoration guidelines
    by Liesbeth Dekeyser
  • 2014 

  • Riveted connections in historical metal structures (1840-1940). Hot-driven rivets: technology, design and experiments.
    by Quentin Collette   |   download
  • Parametric Structural Assessment of Deployable Scissor Systems - Optimising the Universal Scissor Component
    by Lara Alegria Mira   |   download
  • Layerd Landscapes. Urban green spaces between policy and perception, Antwerp 1859-1973
    by Bart Tritsmans
  • 2012 

  • Re-design for Change: A 4-Dimensional Approach towards a dynamic and sustainable building stock
    by Anne Paduart
  • Contribution of the glass cladding to the overall structural behaviour of 19th century iron and glass roofs
    by Leen Lauriks   |   download
  • 2016 

  • Scenario based life cycle costing
    by Waldo Galle   |   download
  • 2012 

  • Thermal comfort of patients in healthcare facilities
    by Jan Verheyen
  • 2011 

  • Curved-line folding: a technique to design innovative pliable systems for kinetic architectural applications
    by Aline Vergauwen
  • 2016 

  • Lightweight structural concepts for disaster relief sheltering
    by Jan Roekens   |   download
  • 2011 

  • Bouwen in beton in België (1890-1975). Samenspel van kennis, experiment en innovatie
    by Stephanie Van de Voorde
  • 2010 

  • Deployable Tensairity Structures : Development, design and analysis
    by Lars De Laet
  • The Structural Assessment of the Metal Roof Trusses in Brussels Model Schools (1860-1920)
    by Michael de Bouw
  • Mapping material experience in architecture: Characterization of material warmth
    by Lisa Wastiels   |   download
  • 2009 

  • Design and environmental load assessment of multi-use construction kits for temporary applications based on 4Dimensional Design
    by Wim Debacker
  • 2008 

  • Scissor-Hinged Membrane Structures - a system for retractable roofs
    by Tom Van Mele
  • A contribution to an integrated and more sustainable design approach for shelter after disaster
    by Caroline Henrotay
  • Kunio Maekawa. A Japanese modernist in search for architectural identity
    by Hera Van Sande
  • 2013 

  • Crossed-arch Vaults between the 10th and 16th Centuries. Geometry, Construction and Structural Behaviour
    by Paula Fuentes Gonzalez