Modular student housing of Willy Van Der Meeren at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel | picture:


List of the ongoing PhD research

  • Optimised control of an adaptive hybrid indoor air quality system through context-based user feedback based on history, simulation and peer review.
    by Bert Belmans
  • Protocol for Augmented Parametric Building Information Modelling Components
    by François Denis
  • History and heritage of the Belgian power industry (1885-2015)
    by Pieter De Raedt
  • Wind-Structure Interactions of Tensile Surface Structures
    by Jimmy Colliers
  • Development of a BIM tool to assess the lifelong impacts of Transformable Design
    by Camille Vandervaeren
  • Fabric formed shell structures utilizing bending active frames and principal stress lines
    by Lancelot Coar
  • Built to construct: learning from the architecture of construction workspaces in the Brussels-Capital Region (1869-2020)
    by Frederik Vandyck
  • Living Material Fabrication for Sustainable Lightweight Architecture
    by Elise Elsacker
  • Architects' houses in Brussels. Strategies for valorization.
    by Linsy Raaffels
  • In search of a complementary and more inclusive economic development vision of the Brussels Capital Region: alternative development scenarios for the Brussels construction sector
    by Sarah De Boeck
  • Building Brussels. Brussels city builders and the production of space, 1794 – 2015
    by Matthijs Degraeve
  • Development of a method to contextually assess the architectural feasibility of preassembled transformable façade systems
    by Charlotte Cambier
  • Hidden Innovation. Building church roofs in Belgium (1830s-1940s): construction technologies, architectural-historical contextualization, and present heritage challenges in international perspective.
    by Romain Wibaut
  • Bistable Scissor Structures - Computational Design and Modelling
    by Liesbeth Arnouts
  • Modularity reinvented, understanding the effect of a well-thought form and dimension concept in the construction sector as a catalyst for circular economy
    by Ineke Tavernier