Modular student housing of Willy Van Der Meeren at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel | picture:


List of the ongoing PhD research

  • History and heritage of the Belgian power industry (1885-2015)
    by Pieter De Raedt
  • Development of a BIM tool to assess the lifelong impacts of Transformable Design
    by Camille Vandervaeren
  • Fabric formed shell structures utilizing bending active frames and principal stress lines
    by Lancelot Coar
  • Architects' houses in Brussels. Strategies for valorization.
    by Linsy Raaffels
  • Paint on rolls? Belgian modernists, household experts and residents on the use of wallpaper as an interior finish during the interwar period
    by Eline Stoop
  • Development of a method to contextually assess the architectural feasibility of preassembled transformable façade systems
    by Charlotte Cambier
  • Bistable Scissor Structures - Computational Design and Modelling
    by Liesbeth Arnouts
  • Invisible modularity: A design approach for the facilitated manufacturing of slender shell structures.
    by Arnaud De Coster
  • Circularity for all. Circular design guidelines towards an accessible qualitative housing market.
    by Margaux Lespagnard
  • Preservation of Belgian interior heritage. Rational interwar kitchens: concept, construction and conservation
    by Margot Missoorten
  • Closing the glass loop. Prototyping a practitioner’s road map to valorise end-of-life architectural flat glass.
    by Esther Geboes
  • Fungi-mediated self-healing concrete: increasing lifespan and durability of concrete structures by inducing self-healing of cracks
    by Aurélie Van Wylick
  • The Brussels housing stock (1975-2000): materiality and heritage value
    by Marylise Parein